Scott Brown For Senate

January 16 2010

  1. 1262615940|%O � IHateObama76 (Sabrina Lisa), get the word out Scott Brown for senate. Stop liberals in their tracks and take Mass on Jan 19th. .
  1. Good call by Wayne: why isn't the RNC supporting Scott Brown for such an important Senate race? Maybe he's not "bi-partisan" or moderate enough? .
  1. Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown has surged ahead of his Democratic opponent Martha Coakley, according to a new poll released Thursday night. .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . A new Suffolk University poll just released has Scott Brown leading Martha Coakley for the open Massachusetts Senate seat 50-46 with a 4.4 .
  1. Jump to U.S. Senate campaign‎: a b "Republican Scott Brown Vying for Kennedy Senate Seat". Fox News Channel. January 11, 2010.,2933,582797,00.html. .
  1. Scott Brown has a fighting chance in the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat from Massachusetts. At first, it didn't seem very likely that he .
  1. 4 Oct 2009 . Red Cross Earthquakes Haiti Earthquake Footage 700 Club Hosts Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses Scott Brown For Senate Christian Broadcasting .
  1. Looks like the New York Times and Boston Globe are fighting back hard against Scott Brown's claim that the Massachusetts Senate seat belongs to the people. .
  1. 29 Dec 2009 . True North - Pointing Minnesota in the Right Direction.
  1. BOSTON -- Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown has surged ahead of his Democratic opponent Martha Coakley, according to a new poll rel. .
  1. 9 Dec 2009 . The announcement came as the Senate defeated an amendment that would have .. State Senator Scott Brown, in a special election next month. .
  1. Read my online column on the Dec. 8, 2009 Massachusetts Special Primary Election for the US Senate. The final Special Election will take place on January 19 .
  1. 8 Dec 2009 . Scott Brown (R) won U.S. Senate primary elections in the Bay State, the Associated Press projected Tuesday night. They will face off Jan. .
  1. 27 Dec 2009 . Scott Brown, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, was in attendance for the Grand .. Mass Senate Election Update � Scott Brown has 5 po. .
  1. 9 Dec 2009 . Brown, Coakley win Massachusetts Senate seat primaries amid low voter turnout . State Senator Scott P. Brown who represents the Norfolk, .
  1. And ads like this have got to help: Pretty powerful. with props to Bookie. Crossposted(*).
  1. Red Mass Group:: Scott Brown for Senate: It's About Turnout! . RT @ ScottBrownMA for take Kennedy's seat. Election in FEB. HELP HIM! .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . A new poll in the Massachusetts Senate race shows a shift in favor of the . Republican Scott Brown surges ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley .
  1. Republican State Senator Scott Brown, who is aiming for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat and who nimbly tried to invoke JFK in a recent television ad has .
  1. I find myself wondering whether I should have passed on claims that someone is involved in push-polling targeted at Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown. .
  1. 9 Jan 2010 . SENWIN �Regardless of which candidate you plan to vote for, which candidate do you think will win the election for US Senate � Scott Brown� .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . The Scott Brown campaign will call you. Rekated: Mass. Senate poll shows shift toward GOP candidate (A new poll in the Massachusetts Senate .
  1. 14 Jan 2010 . Follow the special election for U.S. Senate on BMG. This link brings up all related posts. Scott Brown's positions on the issues summarized .
  1. 12 Jan 2010 . Here's my foolhardy prediction for the U.S. Senate race: Coakley 54% Brown 44% Kennedy 2%. In addition, I predict that Scott Brown tries to .
  1. . Haiti Forum Guillermo Jimmy Kimmel Uga Basketball Coach Yelle Tony Harris Sarah Silverman Jay Leno Scott Brown For Senate Alpha Kappa Alpha Founder's .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . until Massachusetts sent another Kennedy protege to the Senate. . But as Scott Brown reminded Massachusetts in last week's debate: .
  1. 9 Jan 2010 . With the Massachusetts Senate race tightening, tonight's televised debate between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown took on .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . Riding a wave of opposition to Democratic health-care reform, GOP upstart Scott Brown is leading in the U.S. Senate race, raising the odds .
  1. 10 Jan 2010 . One month after the September 11th attacks, Scott Brown was one . rival Scott Brown (R) in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, 50% to 35%. .
  1. 12 Jan 2010 . Her Repub opponent, Scott Brown, even went so far as to say, . in the Senate health care bill, without even waiting to get sworn in. .
  1. Former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey, who was thought to be considering a Senate run early on, announced she was endorsing fellow Republican Scott Brown. .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . One month after the September 11th attacks, Scott Brown was one of only three . isn't going to send this empty suit to the U.S. Senate. .
  1. 8 Jan 2010 . Tags: scott brown for senate,scott brown, senator scott brown,conservative momentum,take back country,take back congress, .
  1. 15 Jan 2010 . GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown is fine with that. He thinks those banks should be allowed to keep your money: .
  1. Democrat Senate candidate Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) debates opponent State Senator Scott Brown (R), in what will be their final .
  1. 13 Jan 2010 . Wonder if Mr. Amirault is making any personal appearances at Coakley campaign rallies, holding up a Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign .
  1. 6 Jan 2010 . Dems Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan quit the Senate on the same day that polls show Rep Scott Brown might take Ted Kennedy's seat. On WRKO now. .

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